Meet Our Australian Shepherd

the best farm dog

Cinch is our best friend. He goes horseback riding with Carrie, is a fantastic supervisor (aka napper) during fence building, and always greets us with a wiggle and a smile. 

Cinch tries to make friends with every animal he encounters. He has succeeded with many of our barn cats and even the armadillos tolerate his curiosity. The groundhogs, though, aren’t convinced. Cinch is obsessed with tracking them and stalking their holes in the hay barn and along the creek. He has yet to convince one that he only wants to be friends.

His favorite toy is his Jolly Ball, and he will carry it all over the farm, sassy barking if you try to take it — or even if you don’t.

Cinch loves water, but not so much swimming. He prefers to tear through the creek when it’s running or take a dip in a pond. For a dog who isn’t a big swimmer, he seems to always be wet. 

He also loves rolling – in grass, in mud, in snow, in rocks – you name it and he’ll roll there. Thankfully, he doesn’t ever roll in bison poop or dead things. But the mud does makes up for it. Scroll down to see the “Rolling” photo series and mud bath video. The ‘seal move’ is a classic.  

Cinch barks at strangers and protects us from bison that get too close. He lays by you when you’re sick, licks your tears when you cry, and would rather snuggle than get up too early. Cinch is our family. 

“Dogs are not our whole life,

but they make our lives whole.”

–  Roger Caras

“Everyone thinks they have the best dog,

and none of them are wrong.”

–  unknown